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  • New Buy - 77 Mako 17

    I am pumped. I have been looking for a this boat for a while. They seem to be hard to find in Michigan. I am going through the boat as we speak and am pleased with the shape it is in. He was asking 3500 and I got him down to 2500. I will post pics tonight (if i can figure out how). Any advice on specific items I should inspect before hitting the water? Thanks - New Mako Owner.
    \'77 Mako 17, \'86 Johnson 140[br]TC, Michigan

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    Congrats!!! on your new 17'. I'd like to see some pics... I have a 1990 17' - I've owned many different types and manufacturer's of boats over my years. I've always heard people rave about 'Makos' - I thought 'big deal' until I bought this one. I now understand what all those people were raving about... I plan to keep this 17' for many, many years. Happy boating!!!
    Steve 171 Mako[br]Jupiter, FL.


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      Congrats! You'll love the boat, and it seems like you got a deal on it. That Johnson will suck some fuel down, but it'll get you "there" faster than most anything you can bolt on the transom.

      Things you should take a look at:

      1: Fuel tank- the easiest way to see if it leaks is to fill it up and smell your bilge. Not exactly the most environmentally friendly though.

      2: Soft deck: walk around on your knees. This will help you find/hear soft spots better than walking around on your feet.

      3: Soft transom: Use a plastic hammer to tap the transom all over. Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think wet wood gives a dull thud rather than a sharp rap.

      Most everything else should be cosmetic and shouldn't keep you from at least making one run around in it before you tear the thing apart. []
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        Did you buy that off of elmwood street in Traverse City? All the drool marks around that boat were from my son Tim and I. Its a pretty good boat. I cant figure out why he had such extreem transom

        wedges on it though. If its the one then congrats. dave.
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          Yes. Got it at Elmwood St.. Very dirty boat. But she really cleaned up. I am not sure about the wedges...? I am going to take it out this weekend and try to figure out the trim situation. Do you think 2500 was about right for it??? After going through it I am happier. I was expecting rotting floor, foam, etc. But, with a little work she will look good. The trailer is not the best, but, easily replacable or fixable..? I am on buisness this week, I will try for the before/after pics this week. By the way, those magic eraser sponges really are "magic".

          \'77 Mako 17, \'86 Johnson 140[br]TC, Michigan


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            talk to Linda, Chris, and Slim - those wedges were for a funky mount where the transom was angled - not perpendicular to the water. If properly supported w/ backing plate, I see no probs at all, Good luck.

            \'73 22 Mako Reedville, VA