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Tef Gel__ Everyone need's this

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  • Tef Gel__ Everyone need's this

    Working on these boat's enough and your bound to install stainless steel fastners into a alum bracket of some kind.

    Have you seen boat's that have a lot of corresion around the stainless fastners?

    This is the stuff that stop's it. If you ask for it at a boat store they will look at you funny.

    I've done a bunch of serching for it and I've only found 2 websites that list it.

    I ordered 3- 1oz tubes and it came in the mail the other day. I put it to use today when I installed the cuddy hatch.

    It's a little expensive, but a "little dab will do 'ya".[]

    It comes with a neat little nylon brush that you can rub it in with. The packaging is excelent. The brush snap's right on the side of the plunger.

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    Been using it for about 10 years. It's the best, for preventing stainless bolts from galling, etc... It's a Teflon Gel made by a small company in Riviera Beach, Fla., named Ultra Safety Systems. A bit on the expensive side, but worth every penny when you consider the alternative. As you say, a small amount is all you need on a bolt.[] LoveMyMako


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      How does it compare to regular anti-seeze like I have been using forever on the cars? Is this better, or just another option? Or totally different? Im bolting the bracket on Monday or Tuesday so I gotta figure out what im using
      John S.[br]Lutz, FL aka Tampa[br]Currently transplanted to Tallahassee


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        Well to start with it's cleaner.[] HeHe It's a white/clear substance. If you've used the silver antiseze you know it get's all over everything. Kind'a like 5200.

        I'm going to have my brother machine me a bunch of Delrin flat washer's to install under the regular 1/2in stainless flat washer's when I install my bracket. I'll use the Tef Gell too.

        The thing about this stuff is saltwater will not wash it away. I'm sure you have seen a bracket or motor mount in the past that is all coridoded. Everyone blame's saltwater for the corrosion. I belive it's the disimler metals more than anything.

        Isolation is the key.