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1999 Mako 282 Baitwell

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  • 1999 Mako 282 Baitwell

    Took my recently purchased 1999 Mako 282 on short fishing trip to test it out. Flipped on the baitwell and it filled right up. (not as stong of a pump as I would like but I can deal with that later!) On my old Mako 211 when the baitwell pump was running it spit the old water out the side where I could see it and I knew it was running. I'm not sure where the 282 spits the old water out but I'm guessing in the rear maybe under the intergrated bracket. Anyone know? Anyway there seems to be a problem as there was water somehow water over flowing the baitwell into the bilge. Another project!

    Is a 1999 Mako 282 considered a "Classic Mako"?

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    Alot goes into the "perfect" bait well system and my stock system in my 232-b has ,recirculation,pump out,and high sppeed pickup via bronze thruhull..If your pumping in more than is getting drawen have overflow..What size pump do you have ..sometimes just "valving down" aliittle will stopp the over flow into bilge,my magic number is a full running rule 800 and my pump out valve blowing half the water over the side outlet and the rest through "In well Drain stack tube"That keeps alot of baits frisky and just alittle over flow onto deck once in awhile..This picture seems a mess..but if you look close you can see where i teed off to my saltwater washdown from intake to baitwell..and the fittings to make well a recirtculating tank if you need to transport boat on trailer with bait as i used to fishing sails from pompano up to jupiter..Yes its a mess but it works great and is easy to change when it goes out ..

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      I would like to see more pictures of you live well plumbing, I have a 25'and the live well has all the parts when I bought the boat, but I can't figure out how to plumb the thing! please help guys! pictures would be a great help I like the idea of the salt water wash down tee into the pick up, as I had blood all over the boat yesterday and was pulling 5 gal buckets of water into the cockpit, to wash the boat down!
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        On my 2003 282 mako the livewell requires a piece of pvc tubing that is approx. 2 ft tall. In the bottom of the tank there there is a drain hole. The pvc tubing has a rubber piece that fits into the hole which forms a seal. This tubing just raises the drain hole. On top of the tubing there a plastic screen to keep small bait in the livewell. If you just plug the hole in the bottom of the livewell water will run over the top of the livewell and into the bilge. If you need this piece of tubing The Marine Connection Liquidators has them. They are in Fort Pierce FL. Ph: (772)-465-6460 I hope this helps.

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          ok that helps, also there is an aerator pump hanging in my bilge where does it go!
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            I figured out my problem and you guys are going to make fun of me. Yes, I had the 2 foot tube to basically raise the drain but it was not draining very well therfore running over the top into the builge. The problem turned out to be that the rubber stopper on the stern which covers the drain hole was stuck shut and full of barnicals! I purchased the boat about 3 weeks ago and the boat had new bottom paint on the hull. The problem is that the bottom paint was never put on the drain opening or on the engine bracket or the trim tabs! Boy did I have a mess. Only 3 weeks and I had barnicles everywhere. I was not happy. Anyway, cleaned off the barnicles the the baitwell works perfect. Boat is not on a lift. I had to sell my other Mako first!