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Rude.......Durabak question.

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  • Rude.......Durabak question.


    Since you have applied Durabak and then painted it also, I was wondering in fact how difficult it is to keep clean. If it is not too bad I am looking to do the same with my deck. I would much rather do that than re-gelcoat. What type of paint did you use and would you recommend that to others?

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    I just finished the 2nd coat on the washboards and bow deck with this stuff. It stink's to high heven's. I'm wearing my resporator and have the shop closed up. The AC is on to keep me from dripping sweat in the finish.

    The temp has been 80 to 85 in the shop. Humidity is down to 30%

    I roll a coat on and then wait 1hr. Roll another coat on and wait 30 to 45min. Then start untaping it. It's a judgement call. You want to pull the tape as soon as possible, but not so that the paint comes off the tape on your fingers.

    The "Sand" color is a little darker than I expected. More of a light Brown. I'll wait and see if it lighten's up some.


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      Wart post pic quick we all can't wait to see it
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        [88][88][88] This stuff defnitely smells to high heavens. Pretty potent stuff. I had my respirator on leaning over spraying in the fish box on had to come up for air a few times.

        I would definitely recommend it. The stuff is tough as nails. Wart is using it without a "top coat" and rolling. I put a coat of Brightside with Teflon over mine to color match the inside and make it easier to clean, in theory. It cleans up pretty easy now with a water hose or washdown and a deck brush. I'd like to see the comparison of the teflon coated vs uncoated Wart is doing for cleanup. Be areful with what you put over it for a topcoat. I was a little hesitant to try a two part paint over the durabak, hence the brightside with teflon.

        I sprayed the inside of my new fishbox with the slick durabak and it cleans up real well without a top coat. Again tough as nails. The only regret I have so far is not buying another quart of the slick durabak and spraying the 1" gunnel rails before applying the brightside. Project for this winter. The 17'er will probably be covered head to toe in the stuff.

        Good luck.
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