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  • fuel sender unit

    okay...I need some input on a 1985 21B (same as Ring's). My fuel sending unit has gone bad and my local service guy says that part of the floor needs to be opened up (near the hatch in the center console) to reach the fuel sending unit.

    Is this accurate or is there a "trick" to get it out???

    Sounds a bit difficult for a part that is bound to fail...thanks!

    1985 21B[br]Southern New Jersey

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    I'll take a stab at this - If the sending unit is not working it either needs to be replaced or you can put in a external fuel management system on the boat. By that I mean, a Flowscan or Navman system. That system would manage your gas but could never tell you exactly how much you had in the tank if you don't input the proper information ALL THE TIME. If you want the tank fuel gage to work you need to change the sensor. To do this you need to get at it and if it's under the floor then it needs to be cut. HOWEVER - If I were you I would make darn sure that it's the sensor and not a broken wire under the CC, or a bad ground someplace, or a pulled connection etc. before you cut into the floor. As I am not famiular with your specific boat, it stands to reason to me that the sensor would be placed by the tank mfg in an area that could be accessed by removing the hatch that covers the tank (which is usually directly under the CC). Hope this helps -

    1973 22 CC Milford, CT USA[br]