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Mako 232 - holes in the end of rod holders

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  • Mako 232 - holes in the end of rod holders

    This is a going to be a bit tricky to describe and I've got no pic, so here goes.

    The horizontal rod holders in gunnels have little, 2 - 3" black caps at the front and back on each level (3 rod holders per side, 6 plastic caps per side, 12 for the boat). These caps have little star like patterns cut into the plastic which permit the tips of the rods to slide through. I assume that this is a good place for water to enter the hull and ultimately waterlog the foam? Any issues if I seal these up? I've just had them lenghtened to hold a 9' rod and could pub pvc caps on them (or other suitable glass solution) to make them water tight.


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    I do not have an answer on your question, but I broke 2 rod tips putting them in through that "star" like rubber. I hate those things. If there is a way you can set it up with pvc tubing so that you don't have to put rods through them then I think it is a good idea.
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      Not only water..but rats as well!!!I found thru experiece that the foam and curve of hull toward bow made insert of long enough "tube" too challenging ,although alot of us on this fourm love a challange..and this is what i did..I sealed them off!!Cant find my close up picture but i used thick rubber roofing material cut into circles and put the original circles back on.I lost the rod space but tee-top made up for that as well as additional holders in other spots..I replaced tose little "rod holders" down there with some starboard ankles always hit the reels hanging out anyway..I hang my gaff there now..

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        That does it, they will get sealed this weekend. I haven't broken a rod tip but I figure its just a matter of time. I wonder if these star patterns are why some of these hulls have water in them.

        I've had mine elongated to almost 9' to accomodate fly rods. The final challenge is to have them sealed off. Off to home depot to see what they have in the PVC selection...


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          I sent you an e-mail concerning these.
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