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My luck has officially run out...

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  • My luck has officially run out...

    I am fresh out of luck... Just 20 minutes ago, I'm standing in the vacant lot next to my house emptying the dust filter from my shop vac. I finish making a cloud of dust (sorry not fiberglass dust) and I start to walk back to my garage. I look down at the dirt and see what looks to be the corner of a dollar bill sticking out of the dirt... I go to grab it thinking that its probably one of those silly $3 bills with Hilary's ugly mug on it. I grab it and its a friggin' $20! No way! I dusted it off and the little strip is there... Its real! No shit! Well, my ship has officially come in. I'm done, I hit the jackpot. My big winner in life was a 20 spot.

    On second thought... Who needs the Powerball when your dirt is fertile enough to grow $20 bills. Maybe I out to go plant some nickels and pennys and see what grows???

    Maybe if I plant my Mako 21 next door, it'll grow to be a 261B... Doubt it.[B)]
    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance

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    Interesting story????

    What did you say the address was to that vacant lot.

    Would you like to have a new neighbor?

    Maybe I'll just come by once a week and harvest for you. hehehe
    Larry Smith[br]Pasadena, Tx[br]\'97 Mako 191


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      sounds a bit like those guys who unearthed the tresure a couple of months ago...of course, they found it in the attic of the roof they were replacing...too funny.

      Buy $20 worth of powerball lottery tickets with it...if you hit, the $20 will turn into millions...nothing to lose!
      1985 21B[br]Southern New Jersey


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        Played $20 of powerball last night... Only gonna get back $3. But thats okay, I play Powerball twice a week... I'm used to not winning.[]
        Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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          Be suspect of good omens!

          I can remember the day very vividly, 17 years old, year 1971, went to the local "Tote Sum" convenience store to pick up the paper with the latest draft lottery numbers. Open the door on the 66 mustang, look down and pick up a brand new $ 5.00 bill - "This must be my lucky day".

          Wrong, my draft number was 5, and I was going to Viet Nam. I reported to our local station for physicals, classification, etc., and although even with the antiwar sentiment unfolding here, was resolved to serve our country, when called. I did eliminate first the National Guard, no 6 year tour for me! Two years will be enough.

          So what happens next? Luckily for yours truly, the draft board never recruited past those born in 1952. Being a 53 baby, I was never called for duty. Be suspect of good omens!

          1988 Mako 231[br]Jackson, MS


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            I was in the same boat as you a 1953 baby. Waiting on a job offer for my draft lottery number to be picked. Luck was with me #353. Got the job and in my 33rd year.
            Larry Smith[br]Pasadena, Tx[br]\'97 Mako 191


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              1953 birth date here as well.

              My number was 039.

              Capt Kevin ~~~><((((*>[br][br] 2520 MVSC \"Chesapeake Edition\"[br]Annapolis, Maryland[br]