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Things to look for in a 254

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  • Things to look for in a 254

    I have been looking arouund for quite awhile for a new (to me) boat. I found an '86 254 that seems to be in great shape. From what you all know, are there things that i should look for when i take her out for a test run? I am going to have it surveyed, but this seems to be the place where all the experts hang out, so I thought I would get your 2 cents.

    Also the motors are '86 too. Johnson 150's. I am buying through a broker and havent spoken to the owner as of yet, but apparently they are complete (powerhead and lower unit) rebuilds as of last year. What should I look for in the motors besides compression, gearcase oil? I know there are no certainties, but generally, how well does a rebuild like this perform?

    Sorry for the long first post, but you guys seem to know your stuff and don't bash the newbies too much. Thanks for any help you can give.
    Easton, MD

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    The 254 is a legendary hull. Total battlewagon.

    Areas that you want to inspect carefully are:

    The transom. If it is originally it might be wet and will need to be replaced.

    The gas tank. If it is original...almost certainly will need to be replaced soon.

    Stringers. If the transom is wet...water can be weeping into the stringers. Have a surveyor percussion tap them.

    Floor. Have a surveyor percussion tap the floor around all inspection ports and particularly where the console is bolted to the floor.

    Deck cap. Percussion tap the cap around all cleats, bow chocks, rod holders, etc.

    FInally....take a good look at the chines and lifting strakes. Older Makos are known to crack along the strakes. Small gelcoats cracks are to be expected.....larger cracks are not.


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      If this one has a blue hull, then it looks like a nice boat. Follow Ed's advice.
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