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  • Price of a Mako

    I am looking at a 19 foot center console in NJ. It is a 73 hull and 1988 Evinrude 120 VRO. The motor has good compression and the boat seems to be in great shape. Asking $5,500, what is a fair price?

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    Well I got a 69 Hull with a new console, a new floor(that was good but it was not smooth so I tore it out), tandem axle trailer, no motor though for 2k. There was a guy here selling his 72 19' with a 110hp motor in really nice condition with a trailer and bimini top for 2k. On that fact im going to say 5500 is kinda steep.
    John S.[br]Lutz, FL aka Tampa[br]Currently transplanted to Tallahassee


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      That seems a little high unless it is in excellent condition or it has a brand new aluminum trailer.
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        Rule of thumb - the further North a Mako is the more the asking and selling price will be. There are many people up here than head south for good deals. I will share my story.

        6 years ago I found a very lightly used 1987 Mako 20 online located in the Miami area. I called the seller several times and built a relationship with him, until I had the "warm and fuzzies" and was planing to fly down and look at the boat. One day before I could make up my mind he called me and told me he had an offer for less than asking, but since I was the first person that was serious he wanted to offer it to me. First my stomach was in a knot, and they I offered full asking over the phone and drove straight to the bank and FedExed a check as a deposit. Two weeks later I arrange a flight, flew down into Tampa, rented an Expedition and drove down to pick up my boat. When I arrived at the guys house, he had it on the trailer and was very proud of the condition and care he had given it since new. I paid him the balance and could not hook the trailer up fast enough before I thought he was letting it go too cheap and changed his mind.

        I trailered the boat back to Tampa and arrange a free tow back to Massachusetts (thanks family members) and flew home. After factoring in all my expenses and the cost of the boat I saved roughly 40% of the cost of several boats I considered buying around the Boston area (and they did sell at much higher value than I paid.

        I have surfed the boattraderonline and have considered a 22 with a bracket and again nearly fell off my chair at how cheap boats seem to be in Florida. I wouldn't hesitate driving down and trailering one back and have mentioned several boats to my wife (BTW - she thinks I'm nuts). My friend just bought his Mako down south and saved a bundle after driving down and back.

        Here is my theory - Makos in Florida (and boats in general) are like bellie buttons (everyone has one) and is looking for a better one (innie or outie) becasue they are exposed 9+ months of the year and they are willing to sell them cheaper to trade up. Where as up north our bellie buttons are covered 11 months of the year, so we do not care for a better one for only one month and hold onto them. Due to market forces (supply/demand) boats are cheaper. (sorry to make you guys in FL sound so vane over your bellie buttons).

        At this point it's all babble.

        Current Mqko - 1990 Mako 211 w/2006 250 E-TEC. [br]- Previous Makos 1987 20C, 1979 23\' IB, 1970s 17 Angler


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          I think your most correct. I just found a 19' with replaced transom and stringers for $375. So Im about to have 2 19' boats on for here and one for tennessee
          John S.[br]Lutz, FL aka Tampa[br]Currently transplanted to Tallahassee


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            I went to look at a local boat several year's ago that a prominate fisherman in our area was selling. This guy worked at a local tackle shop and is on the Fl Sportsman radio here in town each week.

            He was building his "Dream Boat".

            He had been working on it for about 6mn.and decided to sell the project. I went to look at it after talking to hime on the phone.

            "The new transom was put in with West system epoxy". He said.

            What a POS. He had gutted the old hull and cut the sheer down. He used AC Pine plywood for the transom core. Nothing but mat and West System epoxy. A true waste of epoxy. The ass end of the boat weighed a ton.

            My point here is that he may have been a much better fisherman than me , but he didn't know "jack" about building a boat.