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    hey guys, I just returned from looking at a 1974 17 mako with an 1990 88hp evinrude. The engine runs, but the boat has a small hole in the bottem, the transom seems strong, and so does the floor, but i asume i'd have to remove part of the floor to fix the hole the propper way. The preiouse owner used it for a lobster boat, and put on a piece of crap wooden pilot house that would need to be removed, therefore it doesn't come with a center console. The whole boat needs a complete facelift. The guy said the lowest he would go is $950. This is in the Northeast, so prices of boats are higher then in the south. Does this seem like a reasonable price, and what should i offer him? Thanx, andrew
    Andrew[br]1971 Sea Craft 20\' SF[br]Norwalk Islands

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    $950 for this time of year isn't bad. Big question is the hull & motor set up what you want. I personally think you'd be better off looking for one in better condition for a few hundred more. Also that motor might turn out to be a bit small but that's my lead foot (er um hand ) talkin' [] Either way welcome to the forume if your decide to pick up this one up it will be nice to have another 17 owner in the vacinity.

    PS; if you'd like put your hometown in your signature
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      Today in the paper there is a 17 Mako with a '90 88 Johnson for $4100... albeit it's probably in a lot better shape.

      Hole in the bottom? No cc? Yowzaz. That's still less that I paid for mine ($1500), but it seems like a lot... I guess he's just trying to get his money for the motor.

      I'm sure that motor would push the boat fine if it's got good compression, good prop, etc... but don't expect it to be a screamer.
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        U dont have a picture of the 17 to share?


        Lajas, PR