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224/221 hybrid issues

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  • 224/221 hybrid issues


    1]..Have pulled the prop and I am running a 13 3/4" X 17 M2 (Stainless) with the 95' 200 Yamaha Salt Water Series. The boat runs WOT at 5,000.... 5100 trimmed a speed is 27 knots /31 MPH.. I am getting that from the GPS and // Raymarine Digital Fishfinder... both jive as to speed.. In talking to the folks at the Marina.. (Yamaha Dealership)... they asked what is the Weight of the boat..Hmmm.. could the boat have been built heavier with the 221 hull? and how many coats of bottom paint (several) etc..I always keep the 112 gallon tank full or near full. Anyway the prevailing sentiment seems to be that reducing pitch to gain RPMs would improve holeshot but, reduce top end speed. The engine has run fine in the three years since purchase .. runs like a top.. I guess my issues are to maximise the hull and current power and ensure I am not overtaxing the engine... Something seems amiss about this whole equation.. from all the research i have done on this site I should get 5500 RPMs and approx 37 mph on the low side .

    2..I had the local gelcoat/fiberglass guy repair all the imperfections to the entire boat in March/Apr. There were minimal repairs to the hull (a scratch or two on the bow) and the stress cracks and the very few dings in the liner .. cost me about $850. Problem is the boat looks somewhat pokadot with the color matching particularly in the liner which is white and very clean looking ..I am sure some of you have been down this road .. will trying to spot paint to the original white be feasable or is repainting recommended.

    Thankyou in advance for any perspectives you can share.