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171 Mako Center Console Rod Holders

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  • 171 Mako Center Console Rod Holders

    I have a 1998 171 Mako and I am missing the rod holder inserts for each side of the center console. I have asked all around and nobody seems to be able to help. It looks like a regular pvc pipe should work, but the area it would slide in it not a full circle, if that makes sense.

    Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I found them at Capt Harry's Fishing Supply out of Miami. They're softer rubber, not hard.

    Note: Trick to installing them is to push the wall in and basically fold them, drop them down, then let them expand to shape. Yeah, simple, but took me some head scratching and half a can of wd-40 before I figured that one out.
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      I've just checked Captain Harry's and could not find the holders you referenced. Do you have a part number or ??? Thanks for the help[]


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        I made some out of PVC, I cant remember the diameter but cut them about 5" long and put a cap on one end. It seems to keep the rain water out of the hull.

        Works great!
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          gulf, let me know how many you need. i have a ton laying around. ill send free of charge......jim. [88]
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