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FIberglass electronics boxes

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  • FIberglass electronics boxes

    Does anyone know of a good source for fiberglass electronics boxes??

    There was a race boat builder on the THT that made some nice ones but I have lost his contact info.

    I dont want one that looks like a shoebox...i want with a tapered bottom.

    I tried modifying my own and it looks okay but definitely not up to my standards.


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    hi ed, give me a call we can make em any size you need,any color. lexan/ or glass. jim 203 982 6322 [(#)][(#)] 203 982 6322 bethany,ct custom t tops /leaning posts/ arches/hardtops/towers etc


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      There are some here too.


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        You can have this one cheap.

        I cant get the picture to post
        Apex NC [br]


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          Jim, any suggestions for my problem, discussed here:

          What do you think of the idea of port and starboard boxes for the am/fm and vhf with either a small connection in the middle or none at all?
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            Originally posted by Holy Smoke


            You can have this one cheap.


            I cant get the picture to post

            I might be interested in that if Ed doesn't want it and you want to get rid of it.[]
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              Hey guys-

              Thanks for the replies.

              I talked to my buddy who owns a boat restoration shop and he said he could help me fix my box I modified this past winter

              So,I brought it over to his shop last week and then he squirted a tack coat of Awlquick on it and then buried it in two more coats of Awlquick and then dusted it with 545 primer. I went back today and block sanded it. It looks 100% better. Awlquick is amazing stuff and makes fairing very easy.

              Tomorro it will be topcoated with several coats oof Awlgrip oyster and it should be ready for me to pick up on Saturday. Then i can bolt it back onto the t-top, wire up the electronics and install the new t-top canvas that I had made over the winter.


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                Hey Holy Smoke - I'll take that e- box. I was today staring at a piece of plywood, ready to cut...but rather just buy yours if it'll work. Dimensions?

                Mark [email protected]
                \'73 22 Mako Reedville, VA


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                  My electronics box project is complete.....

                  As you may recall, I almost abandoned this project after getting very frustrated while trying to do the final fairing. Anyway, my good friend shot 2 coats of Awlquick on it last week and then i blocked sanded it until everything was nice and fair(finally). Then, over the weekend, he squirted it with a few coats of Awlgrip oyster. Today I wet sanded and buffed it. I could have really gone nuts with the buffer to get that cool gelcoat look (instead of that really obvious shiny paint look) but considering the numerous angles and surfaces, I buffed mildly....just enough to get rid of the orange peel and knock down the shine a bit.

                  I must say that I am very, very happy with the results. I will take some final pictures tomorrow and then will post a bunch of them of the work in progress. Hopefully it wont take as long to figure out Photobucket!