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1982 mako 25

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  • 1982 mako 25

    can anyone tell me why the 82 model 25 weighs 1200 pounds less than the 2005 model 252 ? If anyone has any experience with the 82 model 25 I would like to know how it is. Thinking about it for my first boat !

    Thanks !

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    Maybe no wood being used in the new ones??
    Sarasota, Florida


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      That should make it lighter than the 05. What he said was just the opposite.
      Troy[br]Pensacola, FL[br]1977 21\' Mako Deep V[br]


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        The '05 252 has an 8'6'' beam. The '82 Mako 25 has an 8' beam. In my opinon the '82 is a great boat and would be an awesome first boat. They are fast and efficient.

        Columbus, Georgia[br]1973 Mako 17 angler \"Reel\'s Angler\"


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          I'm guessing here. Hamertime's '88 254 has some serious glass in it.

          11/16 hull thickness and the box's in the back are 1/2in thick. I have some core samples out of his boat. It's a brick [email protected]&t house.


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            I may not be correct, but doesn't the '05 have a euro transom.. I believe that could add to the weight factor, mabye..

            Ocean Springs, Ms.[br]


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              Thanks for the input, The 05 model does have a euro transom, and between that and the extra 6" of beam, it probably accounts for the 1200 pounds, this is an awesome website, good people and good info. I will let you know if it all works out.


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                I guess I need to check my eyes or I am just reading to fast!
                Sarasota, Florida


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                  You guys are driving me crazy[] I got the fever so bad after reading your post about makovers and repairs, I am having visions of baitwells, leaning post, t tops, fish boxes, anchor lockers, and I dont even have a boat yet ! Hopefully the banker(wife), will snub some of that before it gets out of hand !