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time for a new set of twins

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  • time for a new set of twins

    Ok, I am giving in and need to start looking for a new set of twins for the old 224. I am running the 1986 twin 115 yamahas with 20 inch shafts and I am throwing in the towel.

    Anyone have any advice on a plan. Should I look for a used set or am I just looking for more trouble .

    Any inside track on new engines. Can I mate up new Yamahas to the existing controls and guages.

    I am located in Murrells Inlet, SC . Not many box dealers I can see in the area.

    Advice welcomed.
    1986 Mako 224 twin 1986 Yamaha 115\'s - repowered with 2005 200 Yamaha HPDI[br]

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    Not sure if the 1986 Yam controls are compatible, but you'll want new guages with the newer engines.

    Ed's Marine in Virginia sells the loose motors probably as cheap as anyone in the country, and he's only in Virginia (both SC and Virginia are north of the Mason Dixon line, so they must be close together right? []). There is a "special" now for twin Yam 115hp 4 strokes for $16k. Seems like a descent price. Shop around though. has some Yamaha harnesses, guages, etc that might fit what you would be looking for also.

    Good luck
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      both SC and Virginia are north of the Mason Dixon line, so they must be close together right?

      Depends on who's Mason Dixon line you go by.

      The real mason Dixon line is Md & Pa.

      If you go by Hammertime's line, it's I-10. HeHe


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        Bobby is right. The Mason/Dixon line is way north of Eds. []

        It's up in the area where I used to live...

        Look at a map where Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania come together and you'll be in the zone. []
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          One thing to keep in mind when looking at 4-strokes is the preventive maintenance that is required. They require valve adjustments and some other periodic services that can add up $$. The warranty will be void if they are not done.

          I personally am a fan of high pressure direct injection 2-stokes. I have a pair of Merc Optimax's and I love them. Of course there's the Yam HPDI and the Evinrude E-tech, which is supposed to be one hell of a motor. Just FYI.. I have a Mako 232 CC with a pair of 150 Optimax's and I can get right at 3 mpg running them at their "sweet spot."


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            Dang. I saw "new set of twins" and I was hoping for pix of a boob job. [B)]
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              trfgan, Warranties are not voided if "periodic services" are not performed..never heard of valve adjustments.(900 hours on twin 225 yamahas 4 strokes) "Self adjusting" valves on my suzuki 225 4stroke.. I had first 100 done at dealer, do it all myself after that..oil change every 100 and waterpump at 200hrs ..[]
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                Pete, what's wrong with the '86 115s? What's your plan for them?

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