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Boating Accident--father-in-law hurt--PICS

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  • Boating Accident--father-in-law hurt--PICS

    Full story on THT, but here are a few pics of the damage

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    What Happened????

    That boat is gonna be hard to sell.


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      Yeah, I thought it was comical that the for sale sign made it through the accident.

      Appearantely, they were approaching I-10 near Lafayette,LA (it's elevated over a swamp/lake) and were planning on traveling beneath one span , making a left and running between the east and west bound spans, which is how you get around in that part of the world. They slowed to look for traffic, trimmed the motor down so they could stay on plane at @ 20 mph, looked for cross traffic, and proceeded to accelerate through the turn. Well, I think the combination of lots of horsepower, too much bite from a four blade prop and a negative trim angle caused the bow to dig just enough for the stern to spin, sending them into a concrete support piling. They were traveling @35-40 at this time. Both were ejected. Father in law broke BOTH knees. Uncle broke femur and badly injured his face. Both will recover in time, but will never look or walk normal.

      I should add that my FIL is a professional tourneyment fisherman, part of the Pro-craft team, and one of the most experienced boaters I know. Literally spends thousands of hours per year in a boat. It can happen to anyone.


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        You're not working either... I'm sitting on my ass until at least 10:30.
        Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance