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  • mako 221 prop

    I have a 221 mako with a 200 carb merc and trim tabs. The prop is a 17 pitch three blade. The boat is slightly underpowered and wot is 34 kts and it takes 38oo rpms to plane usually. Should I switch to a 4 blade or add a permatrim?

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    What is the max rpm you can hit now.
    Slidell, La


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      I have spent many days aboard a 1998 Mako 221 with a 225 Merc EFI. He runs a 14.25"x 19"P stiletto prop. Everything is right on the money with that prop/motor/hull combo. light load WOT = 5700rpm @ 51mph. Heavy load 5500-5600rpm @ 49mph. All GPS numbers. Cruise is great too.

      I'd think your gonna need a 14.25"x 17"P or less. After all, on my Mako 21 rigged with a Merc 225 EFI I was running a 14.25"x17"P Rapture wheel.
      Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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        Wot is 5600. I think my problem is that I need a 225 or 250. For the price of a new engine, I can live with these small problems. I am thinking of adding a permatrim. Will permatrim do something tabs won't, thanks