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    No Mako for me either...but I do have a Merc! []

    Thanks for the forum Ed. It will be a great resource for us guys w/ old boats make w/ lots of wood! []


    1985 Grady White 204
    Brian[br]St. Leonard, MD


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      Strick & Brian, glad to see you here!

      Fisherman Mike, show us some pics and we'll be glad to help you out!

      Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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        thanks for the effort ... at the top of my FAVORITES list !!!

        '94 Mako 211, '99 Merc 250 EFI, speckled trout
        \'94 Mako 211, \'99 Merc 250 EFI, speckled trout


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          What kind of numbers are you posting with the 250 on the back?

          Do you have trim tabs on it?


          1993 Mako211CC

          200 Black box
          Ron[br]26 Regulator CC[br] \"Blood Shot\"[br]Mt Laurel & Tuckerton NJ[br]


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            Thanks, Eddie!

            WE now have a home....[]

            Shut up and fish !
            Shut up and fish !


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              HeHe Ok Eddie egged me on. I was staying silent for a while, but I'm not a Flaming Scout owner. HeHe When people ask about my 162 Scout, I say it's a Good Little Boat!

              So here's my arsonal of boat's. 1] for the backwater 1] for the bay 1] for offshore.[]


              The factory stripes were taken off 45min after it got home from the dealer. HeHe

              And here's my shop.[]

              I'm thinking of another addition. It will be on the far side of the building in the pix. 14H X 12W X 40D to store the Mako in. A motorhome/boatport stall carport not totaly enclosed.


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                I am glad you fessed up before we had to flush you out. []

                PLEASE tell us your not gonna put a yammie on the back of that great looking MAKO..


                1993 Mako211CC

                200 Black box
                Ron[br]26 Regulator CC[br] \"Blood Shot\"[br]Mt Laurel & Tuckerton NJ[br]


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                  Well twin Suzuki 115hp 4strokes were the original plan. My $ situation has changed, so I thinking of 1 large motor. I still want a 4 stroke due to the way that cuddy cabins create a vortex that traps exhaust fumes.

                  I'll be shopping for a leftover. It will not be soon, as there is no sence in having a motor sitting around and the warranty running out as it sits.


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                    Great Googly mooglies....The Bible has come alive.

                    I have lived on this site while shopping for my new Mako. This is such a great resource for those of us who are trying to decide which hull to buy and how it can be modified to suit your own needs.

                    Every time I look at Eddie's project..I have to go wash up with acetone.

                    I purchased a 1983 224 over the net just before Christmas. I had a lotta pics to go by and a friend with a screwdriver 5 minutes away from where the boat is in New Jersey.

                    I am going nuts waiting to go get it. A friend of mine wants the trailer that's under it and I have purchased new wheels for her again over the net with a New Jersey dealer. We are going up in 2 weeks and pull it all home.

                    It's really tuff to have the title and not touched the boat. I'm beginning to think there really is no Santa Claus.

                    Anyway Guys..My hat's off to Eddie and the Web Designer for a great new addition. Bring on the T-shirts I'll take an extra Large!

                    SMOKER 224
                    1983 Mako 224[br]Onancock, Va.


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                      Nude section, mako chat, what more could a man ask for? Dr. Ring, you may be the greatest human alive. Thank you for the wonderful christmas gift.
                      Greenwich, NJ[br]1976 22B


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                        Thanks Eddie!

                        Spindlebeak is in the house [8D]

              [br]1997 295 SF, Twin 250 EFI Mercury[br]1991 171 Classic, 1998 115 Johnson[br]1989 11 Super Sport Boston Whaler, 20 Johnson


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                          Awesome idea, this is way overdue. I have spent 3 years on my restoration and look forward to being able to contribute.


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                            You are the man. By the way, ya still got those inserts ?? My guy bailed.


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                              Seems like a good idea that is way past due. Nice job on the site.

                              I just signed up in time to sell my Mako. It's a '69 19', check the classifieds.

                              I wish this site was around when I was doing all the work to it.[8D]


                              HARPOONTANG Rules The Waves!!
                              \"Misconduct\"[br]HARPOONTANG Rules The Waves!!


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                                Going back to the mention of that other boat brand. Has anyone seen the post lately over on THT? It's starting to get nasty[V]

                                1985 Mako 21 B 2003 200 HP Mercury SW Classic
                                2003 Boston Whaler 255 Conquest w/ twin 200 HPDI\'s. MA & ME