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  • Ladder for Bracket Boat's

    Capt Chuck was nice enough to answer some question's I had about this ladder. I did have in mind to put a Armstrong Pogo stick style ladder on my boat and had the bracket welded on at D&D marine when the bracket was being built. Then I got to thinking about it more, as to where I was going to store the pogo stick ladder. I had throught about storing it across the outside of the transom. Naw, that will look ugly and maybe get in the way of the rigging tubes. Then I throught about across the inside of the drop down panel of the transom. Naw, that will look ugly too and it's a good place to get lines snagged on. The cost is a little high, but if it fit's right, work's right and doesn't rattle like Chuck say's. Then I'm getting one. $295

    extends 3 steps 36" down under the platform

    - ladder frame measures 12"W x 4 1/2"D x 15"L

    So here's the pix of Capt Chuck's boat and what he had to say about it.


    The one

    from Hermco has a wider edge, therefore it fits below the lip of the

    outboard bracket. He told me it was the only one that he could get that fits

    the Seamark (Potter) bracket. It is pricey but it does not rattle and stays

    in place. I think I like it better than having to store it somewhere in the

    boat like the Armstrong one I had before the transom redo. It also is a

    safety concern as if you went overboard in snotty seas and had a kill

    switch, you can climb back onboard. I went for it since it was a good fit.

    NO spray either when crusing or WOT.....

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    Now that I have the measurement's on this ladder, I went and measured my bracket.

    It will not fit.[:-(]


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      I got one like this for similar reasons.

      I don't think mine makes any noise, but I haven't paid attention to it either. I used a canvas strap and snap to make sure it stay's tight to the bracket.

      They have one that mounts underneath also.
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        That Hermco is nice, but so is the same version ladder from G.G.Schmitt. It's white and very durable. Installs in the same exact manner as the Hermco. Don't know if they have a website? I have friend that can get them for about $160.00 plus shipping. LoveMyMako[]


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          I don't like the looks of the ladder in the picture. It looks like it would be submerged alot of the time and end up fouled and nasty. Would be fine for a trailer boater though.


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            B-Brackett makes a ladder that goes under the brackett platform also.

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              Bob...Yes, B-Bracket buys them from G.G.Schmitt. They also buy the Armstrong ladders, which are nice if you never forget to remove them before you plane off. They sell quite a few replacement ladders. Most bracket companies sell the installation fastener kits for the G.G. Schmitt ladders, as they are popular. You don't have as much electrolysis concerns with the G.G.Schmitt ladder either, as you would with the all stainless ladders, with boats that sit in the water for any length of time.[] LoveMyMako