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Gas burping from filler.

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  • Gas burping from filler.

    Hey guys, I have been having a 2 problems recently, when I pump fuel in the tank, The fuel will burp out of the filler. I basically have to pump gas very slow, probably about a qaurter way on the the nozzle. The second is I am having a hard time to get my primer ball to get fuel in it. I have recently changed the anti syphon valve, water fuel seperator, and the fuel line but I am still having the problem. All connections are tight and do not hear any fuel leaking. Anybody have any advise.

    REELBUZZED Fishing Team

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    Could have a fuel venting problem that is not allowing the air to flow out of the tank at the right speed which would also cause you to not be able to put in fuel at normal speed. Also could have a kink in the fuel line from gunnel to tank.
    Slidell, La


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      I agree with Speck-Tacular. Sounds like a problem with the vent. I've had this problem before when the vent has gotten corroded and doesn't let enough air out when filling the tank.
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        I have had dirtdobbers get insided the vent before and really restrict it. Can you fill it with maybe 5 gallons wide open and then it starts burping, if so then you have a vent problem. Listen to the vent if it is not hissing much then something is in the line. Depending on which boat you can disconnect it at the tank and blow the line out with high pressure air probably dirt dobber or something will come flying out.



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          Thnakns guys I will give it a try in the AM and give a progress report.
          REELBUZZED Fishing Team


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            Yep, sounds like a vent clog to me as well. Check it out and let us know.
            Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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              I found with my 17 that boat list had alot to do with how it fueled as well. Try to keep the crew on the other side of the fill when fueling so the fill side is up...It used to be a bitch to fill but this helped greatly. I too thought I had a vent problem, but that wasnt it.
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                Well, I fixed the gas burbing on my own. The vent line was in a S shape with 2 kinks and the hose was hard as a rock. I replaced it with a new hose line. As for my primer ball not getting a prime. I ended up taking it to the shop and he replaced it with a new one, and it is priming fine. Apparently the new one that I replace originally was defective. The mechanic also told me the primer ball that I purchased was the worst one on the market. So if you have a Tempo primer ball, you might want to reconsider in switching it out it a better brand.
                REELBUZZED Fishing Team


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                  REELBUZZED I tell this phrase to people all the time.

                  " Just cause it's New, doesn't mean it's worth a damn".

                  Nothing like defective parts to try and diagnose a problem.[]