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Why does the hull drain too ?

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  • Why does the hull drain too ?

    When I take the boat out of the water, and load back onto the trailer, I pull out the hull drain, and water drains real strong

    for about 30 seconds to 1 minute - every time.

    This is the model 94' 201.

    The boat's never had bottom paint, stored on trailer, transom dry,

    no cracks etc.. All seems very fine. Left it in the water for 3 days

    too, and it didn't sink !

    I know that these Mako's have some odd plumbing. Does anyone know if this is " normal " and connected to the plumbing or scupper set up ????

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    If you have run the boat in the salt water and if the water that is coming out from the bilge is salty my guess is that you have something leaking. Could be a crack in the bottom, could be some of the internal / baitwell plumming etc., or the plug itself. Have you put a barrier coat on the bottom?

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      The bottom looks incredibly good.


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        Mine does this too and the water is coming from the top deck, almost assuredly from the two inspection ports just in front of the motor.

        Are you sure it is from the bilge and not your livewell? You should see the looks I get when my livewell is full and I pull mine out on the trailer. It definitely drains for more than 30 seconds though. [88][88][88][88]
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          I was getting water in my bilge to. The brass tube where the drain plug goes was loose. Replace and 5200'd the heck out of it. Bilge was nice and dry from that point on. Of course now I'm replacing the transom and I did have some wetness around the drain hole. Good luck.
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            Not sure - I've heard that these live well's are always full of water, but that's fine. I get full drainage from the live well when I pull the boat out.

            My point is that I get full drainage when the hull plug's pulled too - for up to 1 minute. I've got a feeling it's connected to the plumbing somewhere, but not sure since the plumbing connections look dry/ tight for years. Got a feeling it has something to do with that live well since the hull is incredibly free of problems, and the transom is rock solid / dry.

            Weird, but water gets where it can real easily.


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              I'd suspect the livewell too.

              If you dont use it, I'd recommend sealing it and plugging the transom drain hole intake.
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                My well has a valve on the fill/drain line. I keep it open on the trailer, close it when going out....unless I plan on using it. After a full day of hard running I will usually get about a Qt or so water from the bilge. Before I replaced the inspection plate O rings I got a gallon.


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                  I'm learning more about the Mako plumbing.

                  That live well is interesting ! The hull and transom is dry.

                  Fortunately, not a big issue. Thanks for the replies.