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    a while back i asked the question about buying core cell or the like close to the new orleans area and a few mentioned seemann fiberglass. well yesterday i picked up a sheet of 1/4" to make the new cabin doors. well all i can say, is from some of the places i have managed to find it on the net, these guys are by far the cheapest. didn't get the guy's name (will when i go pick up his supply and price list) but he went out of his way to help and answered any question i had. although you would think that a business named seemann fiberglass supply would stock fiberglass supplies, they don't stock any cloth! that is right now. he said within a month they will carry a full line of cloths as well as the regular stock of core cell, mas epoxies and fiberglass tools.

    he gave me the following prices on 4 x 8 sheets of core cell.

    1/4" 68.00

    1/2" 102.00

    3/4" 142.00

    it will sure beat the hell out of waiting on the ups guy!

    they're located in harahan on river road, right outside the elmwood industrial park. the phone number is 504-738-6035
    Grant[br]87 21b 97 Suzuki DT200[br][br]New Orleans, LA[br][email protected]

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    Seeman Fiberglass has been around for at least 25 years. It was started by Bill Seeman. He developed Seaflex and has sold off most of the fiberglass supply portion of the business. About 2 years ago they sold their Mobile Alabama shop to Composites One. I would much rather deal with Seeman than Composites One!

    I'm glad to hear that they will be stocking supplies. From Biloxi it isn't that much further to drive to the big easy then to drive to Mobile.

    Thanks for the info.
    Richie L.[br]Biloxi, Mississippi