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  • 8" Round Hatch Covers

    After noticing some water inside the tank coffin, in our 88 231, we scraped out all of the sealant in the floor hatch, and resealed the perimeter with 5200. After letting everything dry out inside, we wheeled her back outside to sit in the rain.

    Today we pulled the round hatch cover up and noticed a small amount of water has leaked in again. We did not reseal the round hatch cover mounting flange, but the o-ring probably needs replacing as well. We noticed the interior sealing surface of the mounting flange is a bit rough - Does anyone know if these plastic covers and mounting flanges are available? We have 4 on this boat, and could swap them around if necessaary.

    Thanks in advance.

    1988 Mako 231[br]Jackson, MS

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    Here's a source:

    Someone in another thread said the Becksons did not fit exactly and needed a little filing. If you find just the o-rings, I'd like to know.
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      Are the beckson hatch plates applicable to our 88 year?

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      1988 Mako 231[br]Jackson, MS


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        I checked with Beckson's, they said they did supply Mako in '88.


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          just replaced the tank coffin's 2 8" ports with beckson pry out plates. i sanded out the hole and recess a little with a dremel and the fit is perfect.
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            I have two New 8" Black Rabud screw type water proof inspection plates listed on eBay right now. Only 1 day left on the auction........ []

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            BTW: I have a pair of used ones also you can have for free if you win the auction. Just let me know you saw this offer on
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