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Will a bracket really improve performance??

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  • Will a bracket really improve performance??

    I've never had a boat with an engine bracket. I've never even run a boat with a bracket. Here's the bottom line.. I want even more performance out of my Mako.. Although it does go to the gulf steam occasionally, it's predominantly a fresh water lake boat. It's the baddest most beautiful boat on the lake and I'm still working to make it even more impressive. I'll try to snap a few pictures this weekend with the digital camera to post. Here are the details...

    2001 232 CC limited edition (black hull)

    twin counter rotating Mercury 150 Optimax's with Mirage 15 1/2" x 17 props with cup - I'm most positive it's propped right..

    the motors are mounted right on the transom

    the boat has a walk-through transom, so engine tilt is no issue, it has a swim platform, and swamping is no concern

    Will a bracket provide a noticeable performance increase? Is it worth the money? How much offset is required to achieve the performance benefit? Are 10" jack plates an option? I'm not sure how much slack I have in my controls cables. Should I measure them as a first step or will the performance gains justify new controls if necessary? Where is the best place to buy one? I would appreciate any recommendations/suggestions before I proceed. Thanks..

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    Lot's of reading about bracket's here:

    Control cables will need to be lengthened, hyd steering installed if you don't already have it and hose's lengthened. That can be accomplished with bulkhead fittings and buying 2 short hoses.


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      Thanks for the article warthog5.. Very imformative.. It looks like a bracket will probably improve performance. Upon a quick glance last night, I have some slack in my controls cables underneath the deck. Should I let that determine the bracket offset? Or is it worth pulling new cables to acheive a specific offset? I have SeaStar hydraulic steering with bulkhead fittings. Do you know where I can order longer hoses?


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        I have a question. It was brought up on THT. Does your boat have a Euro transom?

        You can get longer hyd hoses thru Surplus Unlimited. I belive the shortest is 2ft long. Then it goes in 1ft increments.


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          Sorry, I don't get it?

          You've got a 232, model year 2001. It's already got a bracket/Euro Transom, not sure which 'cause Mako's production line and numbering system got murky. Regardless, the 232 had either a bolt-on bracket or Euro transom.

          Why in the world would you want to add a bracket?

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            Thanks for the info on the hoses...

            I honestly don't know what Euro transom means.. but I'm assuming I have on because it's not a bolt-on. The rear of the boat is walk-thru.

            I am simply looking for the performance/efficiency gains of getting the props away from the back of the boat. The hull does not have a step or cutout. The props are running right in the turbulent/aerated water at the rear of the boat. I have a picture if I could figure out how to attach it..


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              This is a Euro transom on a new 232 Mako.


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                A euro transom is simply an effective way a for boat builder to waste usable cockpit space while at the same time charging more for the boat because it appears to be larger. []
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                  That's exactly what I have... That's also why the offset would only be beneficial for performance gains.

                  gw24, i agree....


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                    With the set up you have, you do not want a bracket. If you really want to set them back then use a jack plate.
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                      That's pretty much the decision I've come too.. For $450 I can get two 10" jack plates. The install is easy as the motors will not even have to be disonnected and I won't have to extend anything but possible the steering hoses. I think this is the way to go...


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                        I would be curious to see how much of a performance gain you will have. I cannot imagine it being significant, but who knows. You should take real detailed performance notes of before and after to see if it makes that much of a difference. Not just top end, but out of the hole, mid range, etc.
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                          i plan to order them tomorrow. i've come down to either CMC or Detwiler. both make 10" jack plates with verticle adjustment. both are easily adjustable and can be adjusted while on the water. it will be nice to be able to adjust for lake use and then re-adjust when going offshore. i'll do a proper study of before and after. i'll document fuel consumption and speed at different RPM levels before and after the install. i will also do my best to judge holeshot differences. i will probably get them istalled in the next week or two and i'll post the results. upon closer inspection, i think my steering hoses and controls are long enough to simply install the plates and go.. thanks to all for the help. i'll also try to snap a few digital pics to post too..


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                            Ill bet youll be the only guy in the world with jackplates on that kind of boat!!Real curious..
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                              i'm sure it's just the fresh water in my blood.. many boat on the lake have jack plate to improve performance. i had a hydraulic one on my 20' Key West CC and it provided a noticeable performance enhancement. it was only a 6" setback... i'm going with 10 or 12 on the Mako...

                              i'll post the results and some pictures of the boat when i'm done..

                              how do you attach a picture anyway? i'm pretty good with PC's and i can't figure it out on this forum... maybe i'm just not taking enough time to do so...