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    i am very interested in purchasing a 1981 25 foot mako cc. the boat is in excellent shape, but the engines are origional 150's johnson's. should i be weary about the engines? or do they hold up well. also how much life do they have left in them. again the boat is in excellent should, assuming the engines were maintained the same way, they be in good mechanical shape as well.................also the owner is asking 9,900 or best offer. how much should i offer him?

    if any one can help i would greatly appreciate it.



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    let us know where you are. also could you post pctures?

    value of motors would have to be marginal. you are

    basically buying the hull.
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      The motor's that old have no value. As to what to offer? I'm not good at that.

      I bet it's due for a fuel tank or 2 also.


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        the boat is in baltimore maryland..........also when run the engines performed great, however , for that age are there many more years left in them?


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          the owner is asking 9,900 there is no trailer, but boat is in excellent shape ( very well taken care of)


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            I have no clue about values... shopping by comparison is about all I know how to do. Then there's the numbers NADA puts on boats. The 25' 1981 is put right around 3k by Nada. If the engines run great now and you get a little more out of them, that's great. But the question I'd ask myself is what will it cost me to replace them - whether with older or newer used power - and can I afford it when that becomes necessary? I think with motors of that age, the beauty is in using them as long as you can because, like Warthog said, they have about no resale value.

            If you are not interested in buying a boat to restore, it might be a good idea to shell out the bucks (is it $300-$400?) for a full survey for soundness of the rig - especially the hull.

            I'm sure no expert, but I'd hate for you to end up with the heartache of breaking the bank to buy her and then having to pour more dough into her to make her go.

            Good luck on your search. A wise man assured me that when I see the right one for me, I'll just know. I hope he's right for you and me both.

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              I'd say that is close to about right for an older 25 with old engines. As others have stated you are simply buying the hull. I would find out about the fuel tanks and if they have never been replaced I would bargain another thousand or two down so you can replace them.

              Remember, you are buying a boat that is almost 25 years old. It will need some work, you just have to decide how much you can do yourself and/or how much you want to pay to have someone else do the work.

              You also need to check out the transom to make sure it isn't rotten. Since there isn't a trailer was this boat kept in the water?

              Pictures are worth a thousand words and will really help us see what might be potential problems.
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                Davis was right on just knowing it when you see it. When I bought mine I had no idea I would be getting a boat. Once I saw her, I knew it was right for me, however I knew in advance that I wanted an older project boat because that is like therapy for me, tinkering around, repairing etc... I know in about 2yrs I will have to replace the floor, hopefully that is as far as I have to go but I know if it needs more I am willing to do it because I plan on keeping her for a long time.
                Troy[br]Pensacola, FL[br]1977 21\' Mako Deep V[br]


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                  well put Troy. I use my makos and my harleys as a way to calm down an handle lifes ups an downs. Just sitting in the boat at 3 o'clock in the morning with a cup of coffee makes my day so much better(doctor mako)
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                    I would say, sight unseen, if it is nice, it is well worth 9K. Go for a sea trial, get another set of eyes to go over it (a surveyor) be very pleasent.........when all done just look at the boat and say,,,,,,,,,,man, I'm gonna have to pass on your boat. See what he does........he may ask for an offer, or may say OK bye. If he says bye, go home and think on it....if ya really want it for his 9k, call him back and tell him of your reconsideration. I watched Hammertime do this twice with two different sellers, he got the boats for what he wanted to pay.


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                      When I bought my 22 I was the 1st to see it and put the deposit down that Saturday. I looked at the t top, console, leaning post, hull. engine,I thought I could not do better. I was right. The guy took me out, rode thru some 1/16" chop, back on the trailer, and it was mine all mine! If your maybe baby has a lot of goodies, it makes it more worth it. There's some value in the goodies.

                      Good luck Mark
                      \'73 22 Mako Reedville, VA


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                        i am going to take the boat out for a trial on friday. i'll let you guys know how that went. honestly i ahve not seen any boat of its age been taken care soo well of. it looks as if it is only 10 years old. it has a leaning poast with mahagony glossed over wood with 5 rod holders in it. the center console has tackle drawers on the left side.the floor is solid. the fiberlass has only one small surface crack on left gunnel. but can be easily ground out if he is still asking 9,9000 what is the lowest i should ask?


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                          also how much would a t-top for the 1981 25 foot mako run?


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                            also how much would a t-top for the 1981 25 foot mako run?

                            $1500 to $2000 depending on the amount of custom work done. Were not talking about a budget T-top here.


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                              I just bought a 81 23 for 6k, came with fishfinder, gps,vhf 86 yamaha 225 and a trailer, I am the fourth owner and personally know all the previous owners, boat only needed to have the boot stripe repainted, topsides compounded,finessed, waxed and the teak reworked. It also has new cushions, dodger, bimini, leaning post solid floor, solid transom and was completely rewired 2 years ago. I would see if you can get him down due to the age of the engines. Without a trailer i would venture to say that I would only be willing to pay tops 6-7k as you are basically buying the hull.

                              good luck
                              3N2, 76 mako 23, marblehead, ma[br]