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    Just finished sanding off the bottom paint at waterline level on my 1978 21 footer. Seems the gelcoat luster is gone. What can I do? I put 3 coats of wax on her and Buffed it off. Something else to do or did I SCREW UP really bad?

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    couple questions come to mind. first off what grit did you use to sand off the bottom coat? and what condition is the gelcoat in?

    if the gel coat is in good shape AND assuming you used 400 (the very minimum you want to sand with for polishing) you need a buffer and rubbing compound to bring out the luster. i've used 400 on gelcoat and have gotten great results, but being as picky as i am, i would not buff before using 600 or 1000 (after using 400). use 3m heavy duty buffing compound then follow with a teflon wax.
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