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Pricing help! – 1974 Mako 19’ CC, 2000 Suzuki 140

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  • Pricing help! – 1974 Mako 19’ CC, 2000 Suzuki 140

    Hi all,

    Any help trying to put a fair value on the above setup would be much appreciated. I have not seen the boat in person or in pictures, so at this point can only describe what I’ve been told.

    Hull: 1974 Mako 19’ CC, with a 7” resined patch in bow from hitting a dock. Supposedly no soft spots in deck. HAD captain’s chairs, but these have been removed and are not included (so no seats). No bimini or T. Has an old bow dodger, but this is missing some support struts. No electronics. Believe no trim tabs or swim platform. No trailer. NADA guides say $800-985, but I believe(?) this usually includes a trailer. So for an (assuming) structurally sound but cosmetically beat up 30-year-old hull, missing its seats, though with a decent anchor thrown in – say $600 ???

    Motor: Suzuki 140hp four-stroke, model year 2000. About 140 hours on it, and with a 7-year transferable warranty (so 3 yrs left). Assume mechanically sound. Has been regularly serviced, every year winterized, removed from boat and stored indoors (boat in Northeast). NADA lists two variants on this motor, the DT140-TCXY and TCLX. Pricing ranges $4230-5035 and $4190-4985. So good engine w/ low hours, boat wholly rewired for engine when repowered, so upper end of range, $4800.

    A NADA price on this setup seems around $5,400. But NADA is freshwater, and they say to knock off 10-15% for saltwater use. So call it $4725. On a private transaction between friends, what do YOU all think I should pay?

    (I know you guys know Makos – is there anything I should be wary of re this hull or motor? Is this is hull that is overdue to disintegrate and sink? Gas tank leakage issues? Adequate power?)

    Thanks to all -
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    You have some of your figures wrong. First a trailer is not included in the NADA boat price. When you go to NADA boats, there is a trailer catorgory that is seperate from the boat.

    Next you say it's a 140 Suzuki 4stroke and you list the numbers for a 2 stroke. The DT's are 2stroke and the DF's are 4stroke. I have the Factory Suzuki 140hp 4stroke manual right here in front of me.

    Go here for boat trailer prices. I know you said it didn't have a trailer.

    Suzuki didn't make a 140 4stroke in 2000. The first year was 2002.


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      While your component prices (hull, engine) are right, you are missing another thing...the fact that it is a rigged package. That generally adds about a grand to the calculation.
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        If the boat is solid, motor checks out, trailer is road worthy. 6000 - 8000.


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          I would keep looking. 19 Makos are a dime a dozen around here. You could easily find one here for under $3500. Suzuki motors don't have high resale around here either.


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            Considering this boat is a friend of yours and the motor is fairly new (suzuki engines are 1998 Suzuki 225 EFI has about 600 hours on major problems)............I would say around $4-5k is a good price.



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              I bought my 1980 m20 with a 115 suzuki(90) and trailer sight unseen off of e-bay for 1000.00 Needless to say It needed a full resto.

              great boat though.
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