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  • Warning!!!

    Beware!! Just wanted to inform all forum members that we are the target of a new "fad" theft scheme that hopefully will not spread throughtout the country. Just recently I was at Venice Marina for an offshore adventure and had my day-pack ready to board a "prominent" charter service. Sitting on the picnic table next to the day-pack was a $600 digital camera, some really good groceries and a T-Shirt. I stirred around bit, talked with a few friends and when I go to board the 39" Cabo, all that was left was my camera and groceries. What happened to the shirt? Mysteriously Gone!!!! Guys I think this ClassicMako thing is spreading, kinda like those Nike shoes that people were getting bumped off for. It's either a fad, a cult or a combintation of the two. I just don't know.

    I'm just wanting to give you guys the heads up. Protect anything with the emblem with every inch of your waterline, depths of your livewells and any thing else you can imagine.

    Justus[br]\'93-211 Classic [br]Baton Rouge

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    So I take it you need a new shirt??? Lemme know what size. I owe you big time for the ClassicMako Inc. paperwork.

    Maybe Speck Tacular can keep an eye out for it. He runs his charters out of Venice Marina.
    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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      Yeah, Ring I do need another! See what you started. I hope you can sleep at night with all of the mayhem running rampant.[88] A $600 camera and no telling what was in the day-bag, but what did they want??? The shirt!!! Who knows how far this could go.

      By the way, when I looked back at the post the "Warning" topic did look a little extreme, Sorry! I tried to edit but I'm not that savvy.
      Justus[br]\'93-211 Classic [br]Baton Rouge