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Overfilled Oil Tank??

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  • Overfilled Oil Tank??

    Is it possible to overfill the oil tank? My fills are on the gunnel. I filled the tank and pretty much all of the fill hose. While underway I see oil being pumped out of the bilge. Looks like I might have blow the tank or the fill cap where the hose comes into the tank or maybe the hose. I cleaned it up. What a mess!

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    I have filled mine up past the tank level and into the hose before. I do not think that connection at the tank is 100% sealed, as I got a little dribble in the bilge area. I try to just fill to the neck of the tank now. My tanks are five gallons each, so it really is not a big deal. I only have to fill the oil every few months, and I run the boat 200 hours a year.
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      yes, put a black magic marker on the tank itself about 13/16 full and stick to that line. For some silly reason when you FILL the tanks they overflow and make a mess. My bud's 28 split console will overfill EVERY TIME!.

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        4-Stroke would solve the problem!!![:u]Thought i noticed alot of oil in the water lately!!!
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