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  • oil injected mariner

    I took my 88 Mako 171 out for the first time this weekend. Ran great all day, but before pulling out about a mile from landing, the horn started to gradually come on and then continued pretty steady. I checked my oil and it was about an inch in the resovoir. Does the horn usually come on if the oil is low? Does the horn just come on when the engine is running hot?
    Rob- Aiken, SC

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    You need to check your motor's owners manual for exact answers to these question. I can tell you, however, that most boats are set up that way. The warning horn will sound if the engine overheats (like from a bad waterpump or a plastic bag over the water intake) or if the oil injection pump is starved for oil. You may have a oil problem or water problem? My guess is that if you see water pissing out the piss hole of the motor the horn has something to do with your oil or the lack of it. Most oil resivors need more than an inch in them to keep the moror running and satisfy the oil level sensor. Some will sound a horn alarm and the electronics will automatically slow the motor down to approximately 1000 RPM so you cannot damage anything with high RPM's. It could be a bad oil resavior pump, a bad sensor in the resivor or your oil injection pump has stopped functioning. You need to start checking all of these one by one and elimninating each until you get to the cause. Hope this helps -

    1973 22 CC Milford, CT USA[br]


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      Intermittent beep is oil alarm and constant beep is temperature. I went through this recently with my Mariner. Did every test possible to make sure she was getting oil and then focused on temperature. I was having a period where the alarm was intermittent and other times it was constant. Ended up being the temperature sensor. Changed that and no more alarm. I believe I will disconnect the oil injection and just start pre-mixing. That way you know it's getting oil. Seems to be what most people do.
      Tony C.[br]S. Daytona, FL[br]Boatless...for now[br]