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    Does anyone know how the hull is constructed on a 1981 Mako 224. Is it ok to pressure wash the bottom? Also does anyone know what the stingers are constructed of.
    Chris[br]Florida Keys[br]1981 Mako 224[br]2000 Yamaha 200 HP OX66[br]

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    Fiberglass hull lay-up. I can get you the lay-up schedule if you are really interested... The transom is plywood cored. The stringers are wood with about 3/16" fiberglass lay-up over them. The deck and gunnel tops is a Dininycell core except areas around the captians chairs/leaning post and a few other small areas. Those areas are all plywood cored.
    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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      Here in the northeast we pressure wash our (BOAT) bottoms pretty much every time that the boat comes out of the water and especially in the late fall when the boat is removed for the winter. The pressure wash is needed to get the scum and barnicals off the bottom and or the motor etc. If you were to do it by hand with a brush you would be there all day. One thing to remember if you are using a very strong washer (over say 4 HP - they go up to around 12 HP) keep the nozzle back away from the boat's bottom or you will not only remove all the scum and bottom paint but you could start to remove gelcoat. Once you start you will get the hang of it quickly and understand the best distance you need to keep the nozzle from the bottom for the best results. Good luck -

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        You should have no trouble pressure washing the hull. Just make sure you use a 20 degree nozzel, that way the stream of water comes out like a 20 degree fan of water. You'll get the hang of it no time.
        Jones Inlet, Long Island