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    Hey I am about to purchase a 1981 Mako 224 with a 2001 Yahmaha 200hp Saltwater Series. The boat has been sitting for about a year and it needs to be cleaned up.

    My question is what do you think I should look for before makeing the purchase.
    Chris[br]Florida Keys[br]1981 Mako 224[br]2000 Yamaha 200 HP OX66[br]

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    Thats a very popular model and seems to always bring attention. this mated with a late model yamaha seems like a good thing. Look for cracks around the transom opening bounce up and down on the motor to see if there are any flexing. walk all around the floor to look for soft spots. Try every switch and electrical device. if you cant go for a water test make sure its priced acordingly. if its been stored for a while gremlins will show up. good luck. dave
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      In my opinion you should find one of your friends (or 2 for that matter)who are boaters (who own Makos would be even better) and have them go with you to look at the boat. If you don't have any boater friends, then hire a good surveyor to look at the boat with you. It will cost you some $ up front, but you won't get stuck with any major projects that you can't handle or don't want. Just my 2 cents worth -

      1973 22 CC Milford, CT USA[br]


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        Go over some of the articles found on this site for ideas of what to look for when examining used boats:
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          what does a survey cost?? on adverage
          Chris[br]Florida Keys[br]1981 Mako 224[br]2000 Yamaha 200 HP OX66[br]


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            I paid $70.00 for a surveyor to tell me the '74 I was looking at was a hunk of junk. Just what I wanted and I assure you it's what I got. []

            It looked good on the outside though and the survey was just what I needed to get the price down to junk levels. Get it looked at by a pro if you can.
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              Average price would be $300 to go thru all the system's.