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Paint Scheme - 1985 224

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  • Paint Scheme - 1985 224

    I am re-doing a 1985 224. I am having the hull painted fighting lady yellow, the interior matterhorn white. Hopefully, it will go to paint next week and I hope to have it all together by July. The painter wants to paint the floor whisper grey and I am inclined to go white. I am not sure what the factory floor color was and I am wondering if anyone had any thoughts/experience on flooring color choices. The painter says the whisper grey will be easier to maintain and will have less glare; however, I am unsure if this color combination will look awkward on this boat. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

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    The deck on my boat was regelcoated in white. May not be exactly the same as what your talking about but if you ever go fishing on my don't forget your sunglasses.
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      I'd go with the Grey. The white will more than likely look "nicer" but if you choose a very subdle shade of grey you'll be happy with the choice in the long run. Either way the fish won't care!!

      Good luck,

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        When my boat was repaited the interior and floor were both done in bright white. You do need your singlasses, but when she is clean - WOW! A light grey would probably blend pretty good. I tend to take advise of people who do and see, therefore I imagine your painter knows the combination will work. Whichever you choose share some pictures so we can see how it turns out.
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          What's the difference between repainting and regelcoating? How much does each cost?
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            My floor was just done in Whisper Gray. I like the color, Hate the non-skid. It's great to walk on, but, it holds dirt and shows every little spot and doesn't wash easily.

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              The Wisper Gray is a good choice. It will cut down on the high glare.


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                Originally posted by hookshot

                What's the difference between repainting and regelcoating? How much does each cost?

                The process is slightly different. Re-gelcoating the deck is more durable, but more expensive to get it done right. If you're not familar with working with gelcoat, pay the $$ to have a pro do it.

                Basically the process is the deck get sanded smooth, then a base coat of paint or gelcoat get sprayed on the deck. Let it dry (or cure in the case of gelcoat) and mask off the parts where you don't want the no-skid. Reshoot with the no-skid and let dry/cure.

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                  I had light grey in the floor of the 25'er before the new paint job. I went with white simply for the look. The grey was easy on the eyes, and a good choice, but the previous non sj=kid was very hard to clean (as Annie mentioned). I like the all white interior now, but don't show up without sunglasses [8D]. For fishing the Gulf, polarized sunglasses are a must anyway.

                  With the 17', I am probably gonna go with grey nonskid just to be a little different and the boat will be more for kids and cruising.

                  You can get some good detail into the nonskid if it's done right. makes the finish look really good, white or grey.

                  I highly recommend the products I used on the 25' for the nonskid. Worked out really well, easy to clean, tough as nails, and easy to put down.
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