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Serial Number 1978 Mako 17

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  • Serial Number 1978 Mako 17

    The DMV is asking me to etch the serial number from my 1978 Mako 17 to get it registered. I've checked the whole boat over and I can't find it or any sign that rivets were pulled out. Can anyone help me on where this number might be on this boat??


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    If all else fails you MIGHT find a small plastic embosed sticker underneith the port side rub rail in the last 15 inches of the boat.

    this will be the actual hull build number. from this you can interpolate the rest of the numbers. There is a post somewhere on figuring out HIN numbers. Possibly in the FAQ section. dave.
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      I have a 1973 17 Mako. Mine was on a small metal tag that was glued and screwed to the starboard side of the transom close to the rubrail.

      Mako was not consisientent in where and how they placed the numbers in the early years.
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        My '73 22 CC also has that small Al tag on the Starboard transom upper side near the rub rail. There is the also same information (if you look closely right in the same area of the transom) molded right in the transom. It takes a good eye to locate it and a better one to make out the numbers / letters but they are all there. Hope this helps -

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          HI,Did you try the anchor locker? My 1980 17 has it there as well as the transom
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