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  • I have to sell

    I have to sell the boat, and was wondering what a fair price would be. I will start saying it is a model #224 1985 hull. It has never had bottom paint on the boat. It has been in a boat house all it's life. I am the second owner. It has a Yamaha 175 Hp. Saltwater edition 2 stroke engine with practically no hours. I have 5 hours on the boat, and the previous owner had installed the motor 4 years ago and then got cancer. He remained sick for 2 years before death and it continued to sit in the slings. My mechanic said the engine appeared to new but I still had him to a full tune up, as well as new water pump, thermostats, and plugs etc. I bought the boat 2 months ago and have found out that I will need to go back to school for my masters deg. and will not have time for the boat, so it needs to go. I have just ran all new fuel lines, as well as a new bilge pump and switch. I also purchased new trailer tires and new LED lights for the trailer. I also purchased new Navigation lights for the boat but have not had time to install. I need to sell the boat, and would like some input from you guys to her value. Thanks Don
    Don Flowers[br]Port Lavaca, Tx.[br]Mako 224 1985 \"Godspeed\"[br]Yamaha 175

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    Sounds like the Holy Grail!!!!!!!!

    Lets see pictures.

    I'll put it this way, my 1982 model 224 has been meticulously brought back to a condition that I would call an 8 out of a possible 10. My motor is a 1996 Johnson the lower unit is brand new and the power head has 250 hours. My electronics are all new. I would not part with mine for less than 15K in the present market. If that boat is as good as you say I would expect in the neighborhood of 18K. Alot depends on the market where you live though.


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      Posting pictures will really help to sell the boat.

      Pictures from all directions - inside and out, including engine shots.

      Good luck- I understand that the 224's a unique model.


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        A very in demand model, but the HP of the engine hurts it alot. 175 is just not enough.
        1987 Mako 254, 2013 Evinrude ETEC 175\'s (sold to my buddy)[br]1988 Mako 20, 2008 Yamaha 200HPDI (sold)[br]1984 Mako 17, 2005 Suzuki 115 (sold)[br]1981 Mako 21 (sold)[br]1978 Mako 17 (sold)[br]1986 Mako 260 (sold)[br]1997 Mako 232 (sold)[br]Tampa, Florida


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          Sounds like a nice rig, I would put 12K on it sight unseen. It would bring 15-17 ral fast if it were not under powered. A 175 just is not enough on a 224.


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            That is an 18,000 boat up here. DOwn your way where boats are a dime a dozen...probably looking at 14-15k.