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Repairing fiberglas dings

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  • Repairing fiberglas dings

    What's the best way to repair small dings in fiberglas? My boat is standard Mako white. I have several small dings -- some of which show a darker color underneath. Is an invisible repair difficult to do? There are also a couple of places where sloppy repairs were done that I'd like to at least sand down. Any advice?
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    Without getting custom matched gelcoat, it would be impossible to do a "perfect" repair, because the gel will have faded some over time. Then after a while in the sun you would be able to see a difference. You can paint and blend the area where it will be hardly noticeable though.

    Good luck!


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      You can get the original color Gel Coat from Mimicraft and some yellow tint to add to the Gel to account for the aging process. Mix a bit to get the right color blend before adding hardener. You wont be perfect but close real close.

      I worked in college refinishing antique furniture you would be amazed at the tricks we used to get color matches... Coffee, Flat Coca Cola. Just be patient and remember mistakes can be fixed.
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