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    I have a 1975 23' Mako cc with 1992 Johnson 140's. It has a Hynautic steering system that I am having trouble with. Under the helm, it has a port and starboard line coming out with a smaller line in the center. One, how do I add fluid? There is a canaster in the console with an air valve in it. Do I remove that and add oil there? Also, it leaks at the helm. Can you still get parts and does anyone have a guess as to what it is?

    This is about the last project I have then I can sell this boat. I'd rather not put $1000 into a new steering system if I don't have to. ANy help would be appreciated!!

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    Croach...Yes, you add fluid to that cannister. It actually is called a "reser-valve", because it is a reservoir with a pressure relief valve built into the bottom of it. It uses ATF Dextron ll, automatic transmission fluid. Unthread the large hex fill & top it off. Replace the hex plug & fill the reservoir with air to 25-30 p.s.i. DO NOT OVERCHARGE this system! Turn the wheel back & forth a few times, lock to lock, & check the fluid level again. There should be a sight glass on the side of the reservoir to check this. If you need a new helm, I might have a newer one that I can sell you if it leaks excessively. Your helm model is stamped on the bottom on the aluminum surface by where the lines attach. It should read: H-50, or...H-51. No Hynautic parts of any kind are available, as they were bought out entirely by Teleflex of Canada & all old stock was sold off, never to be reproduced again. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. LoveMyMako[]


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      Thanks for the advice! I pulled the helm off and it turns out to be an H-50. I found a company in Florida that says they can rebuild them but if there are no parts I am not sure how they can do that. How much for a used one from you?


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        Most of the rebuilding process would be seals, those are generic oftentimes. I would look into getting it resealed if you cant slow down the leaks. dave.
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          Theres a thread here somewhere about this issue..Sept. last year??SEASTARSTEERING.COM
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            Croach...I have an H-51 available for $135.00 shipped to your door. Will throw in a new helm wedge base for it, as well. Where/who is the Hynautic repair place in Florida? Maybe I could use them in the future? Thanks, LoveMyMako[]


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              Love My Mako,

              Do you have any parts for a K10 Hynautic Cylinder?


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                Here is the link for the company in Florida that rebuilds them. - you have to poke around a little but they have schematics and instructions - great site! They also claim to have parts. Maybe they bought a bunch or something. The good news is that my local Caterpillar dealer took a look at it and rebuilt it in about an hour. The seals are nothing special as it turns out. They had them in stock. I just got done installing it and there is not a leak and it works great. []