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  • Compression Test Help?

    Can anyone provide me with the method for a reliable compression test. I have the guage, but have never done the test before. I would really appreciate a little walk through on the process. Thanx in advance. ('94 Merc. 225 Offshore Carb'd).
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    1. Run motor for 5-10 minutes to get her warmed up.

    2. Remove all 6 spark plugs

    3. screw compression gauge into cylinder

    4. Open throttle (out of gear) to WOT

    5. Hold key for 4-5 compression cycles

    6. Check number and move to the next cylinder

    All numbers need to be within 10% of each other. I'm not sure what the optimal compression for your motor should be. Probably somewhere around 110 psi, but again, not sure.
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      Having trouble or just want to know?
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        Thanx for the info on the procedure. You are right on the money on the numbers. Clymer's states that compression should be 110-120psi, with a max variation of 15psi between cylinders. I want to check out the ole beast this weekend and see how she's holding up. I have the annual GI trip coming up soon and feel more comfortable heading 30 mi. out knowing she's healthy.

        Man, I hated missing you guys on the trip this past weekend. I have to congratulate you a the rest of the gang for what appeared to be a successful inaugural event. I can only imagine that you all learned a few tricks to make future events that much better. Just hope that baseball, cub scouts and school fairs don't snag me for the next one.
        Justus[br]\'93-211 Classic [br]Baton Rouge


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          Appreciate the concern, but mostly checking for a little peace of mind for a fairly strenuous (enginewise) upcoming annual trip. I fish a tournament every year with a few buddies out of Grand Isle, LA, and just want to see is she's healthy for the outing. She's getting a little old and am just looking to see if she's also getting tired. We usually run all day up to 30 miles out for about three days straight. On only one engine I am just trying to anticipate any potential problems in advance. She's been a great engine with zero major problems and I keep saying that I intend to run her till she dies. I just don't want her to die @ 30 miles offshore.
          Justus[br]\'93-211 Classic [br]Baton Rouge


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            The only change I would make to the above procedure is to disable the ignition while cranking. You can do this by pulling the safty lanyard off the kill switch. Otherwise you have spark and fuel at the head area. I only had a problem one time and it was a little exciting. dave.
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