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WD 40 & starting Fluid

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  • WD 40 & starting Fluid

    A few weeks ago I believe there was some dialog about the

    new formula in WD 40. Many of us have used in the past

    as a starting fluid. The assertion was, thenew formula

    will not effectively replace starting fluid.

    Yesterday, while at the National Hardwatre show in Vegas

    I stopped into the WD 40 booth and inquired. As soon as I mentioned

    the problem the National Sales Manager said he understood the

    problem and the company is now launching a new product

    specifically for starting fluid with the lubrication

    abilities of the old wd 40 that we all know and use.

    I am sorry for not knowing the exact name of the product.

    I wrote it on his card but I am affraid I left it in

    Vegas along with my disposable income.

    Capt Bobb

    1993 Mako 191

    Boston/Cape Cod