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    I have just registered the domain name for the new club site and I am working on getting the Not For Profit club status. In the very near future, the ECMako Club will be official!! [] The club is being created to serve the Florida Panhandle and surronding areas. Hopefully other clubs can get up and running in their local areas as well, but one step at a time.

    The tournament this weekend was a great event and I am vowing to revive the funaments of the old days that I remember as a young kid. We already have a club sponsor who is a national retailer, but I won't reveal that until it's official. [8D] I envision that being a member of the club will entitle memebers to discounts all over the Pensacola - Destin - Panama City areas.

    If anyone has any questions, comments or suggestions PLEASE let me know! This is being created as a Mako Owners club, and you don't need a classic Mako to a member, heck you can be a S.O.B and still be a member!!
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    That's great Stephen,, let me know when it's offical,,
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      Be sure to contact the Manasota Mako club to see about getting company involvment as well.



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        Martha and I decided to fly up to "Mako Madness 05" on our own when I found that my boat would not be ready for the trip. Just as well a 9 hour tow would be better suited for sanity with a longer visit.

        We brought some captains bags, spare goodies, and paperwork to assist with the function and organisation of the club. Steve and I had the opportunity to brainstorm some important details. I twice visited their soon to be Sponsoring Dealer and retail outlet.

        Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World

        Actually I'm envious of their opportunity as the Assistant Store Manager is fully aware of " Mako Family Funaments" and our history. She graciously gathered some goodies for the function and sounded very enthusiastic as to their future participation.

        Unfortunately some confusion as to what location we would be visiting caused me to "cold call" with the buisy sales dept with no appointment. After two visits I was able to explain the benefits of club support to the finance mgr, and she graciously scrounged up a couple of things for us also.

        Thank you letters are in the works for them and as soon as the Emerald Coast Mako Club is "Authorised", They have a Sponsor!

        I would like to congratulate Steve for all his hard work, He did a great job his first time out. almost single handedly!!

        The actual requirements for an "Authorised Club" are relitively simple:

        1. Not for proffit 501.c.7 **

        2. Family Fun activities

        3. Promoting Boating Education, Safety, and Environmental awareness

        4. Everyone Wins with emphasis toward youth

        5. The Terms "Funament" and/or "Family Funament" restrictions apply

        At Present there are 3 Authorised Clubs, 2 with paperwork pending and 4 in application.

        ** contact us for more information on how to start a club, or for a club near you. Be part of the team and get involved.
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