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  • Shallow Water / Pole Anchor

    I am thinking of getting a pole anchor and was wandering if any had one and how they like them. Thanks
    Chris[br]70 17\' CC Mako[br]Myrtle Beach, SC[br]

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    I have the "stick it anchor pin". I fish inshore w/ the skiff from 6 inches to 4 feet of water. I can't remember the last time I "dropped anchor". Instead, there is a line that attaches to the 8 foot shaft w/ a point on one end and a "T" handle on the other. The other end of the line is attached to a cleat on the boat.

    Eventually I will be getting a power pole (may), but until then, I'll use my stick it anchor pin. Even after applying a power pole, I'll still use the anchor pin at the bow for lining up w/ the wind.

    One of the beauties of this system, is NO DRILLING another thru bolt into your boat. I love mine. Here's a link to there website:

    The boat pictured below is ripped off "stickit's" website, that is not my boat. It demonstrates the anchor pin in use:

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      I have the same and am happy with it. Works great in loose bottoms, or things like eelgrass and mussel beds. Does not work on rocky bottoms as you cannot push it in.

      PS - If you are going to get one, get the 8' version. No point in having a short pole.
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        I have the same one as Sydngoose.

        Works great for where I fish. I used to use a Cajun Anchor, but with this one you just push it down into the mud, so no splash to scare the fish off.

        They really hold well!

        Also a lot cheaper that a Pole setup.
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          If you search on youtube for powerpole, there is a guy who was making them for alot less than the actual power pole. Ive head between $200 and 300 dollars.

          He has several videos on how to make them. With the skills that most on here seem to posses, the project looked doable in a afternoon or two. The biggest coast was the linear drive motor.

          We call those "spuds" up here... and Im a spud chucker!
          dan davis [br] va beach, va


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            Thanks for the info.
            Chris[br]70 17\' CC Mako[br]Myrtle Beach, SC[br]