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236 with bracket vs standard outboard

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  • 236 with bracket vs standard outboard

    Mako 236 with bracket vs. standard outboard.

    Here is the deal, I have a 78’ 236 with an 86 Johnson 225 runs awesome. I may have the opportunity to move to a (Not sure of the year) 236 with a full transom and bracket (Factory) and a Yamaha ox66 250. Here is the question. How much better is this boat with a bracket and full transom? My boat really likes the trim tabs; will this thing want to pop a wheelie? Am I going to notice the performance gains of that bracket? The 250 is much newer but my motor is tired and true….

    The question is how would this hull run vs mine if I had the same motor?


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    One of the biggest thing's to look at would be the safety factory with the full transom. You will not have to look far in the projects boat's to see all the boat's being converted to full transom.


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      I know it is better in a following sea and therefore safer, but what about all that weight 2' or so further back like a lever?



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        The factory took care of that for you.

        You did say it was a "Factory" full transom w/ bracket.[]


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          They said it was set up like that from the factory.

          How did they take care of the lever effect on that hull? is there some kind of built in trim tab or some kind of chine that lifts the stern? I have never owned a boat with a bracket set-up. I know they are everywhere now but what about back then? What year did they start this?



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            I'm thinking that the fuel tank is moved foward.

            That's just a guess.


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              Is it a bracket like this:


              or like this:



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                HeHe I laugh at there cost's on the DYI link. They forgot about the $1000 for hyd steering.

                INSTALLATION COST

                The following shows the typical cost to install a standard aluminum bracket on a 6.6m (22') boat with a single V6 outboard. Prices listed are in U.S. dollars.




                12 3/8" stainless steel bolts, lock nuts, backing plates, washers


                3M 5200 sealant


                Rigging Tube Kit



                Swim platform, 48"


                Ladder, stainless steel


                Kicker engine bracket


                Labor (professional)



                Bracket installation





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                  Did you forget the money spent on liquid beverages?[]
                  Richie L.[br]Biloxi, Mississippi


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                    No it dosen't look like those brackets. No swim platform included in the bracket.

                    The wierd thing is he only wants 10K for the rig with trailer. He says it needs a "Botom Job" this is very odd he said it has some jell coat cracks that need to be sealed if I want to keep it in the water....