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gas tank replacement 1974 22

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  • gas tank replacement 1974 22

    I also posted this in the Project forum, didn't know where it fit in :Hello. I was smelling gas fumes from under the console of my '74 22, especially when I was filling the tank, so I removed the console and hatch to find the problem. I did find the hole, in the fuel guage tube. I also found that the tank was somewhat corroded with pits and I have decided to replace it. I have removed the foam(wet foam) around the old tank. Does anyone know where I should look for a new tank? Also, should I replace the aluminum part of the filler/breather tubes as well? Any other tips from others past experiences would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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    Look in the FAQ section.[]


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      Make sure that while you have that gas tank out you replace the AL gas fill tube that runs from the fill to the tank - down the side and under the deck. I replaced my tank on my '73 CC about 5 years ago and the fill tube was what was leaking from corrosion from the salt. I used a regular USGC approved 1 1/2 inch gas fill hose to replace the tube. To get the tube out you will need to redmove the foam under the gas fill and then cut the horizontal tube off using a hack saw blade. Once it's cut you will be able to pull it out from the tank coffin. Remove the vertical piece through the removed gas fill. Once out you will probably need to remove some foam that held the tube in place in order to get the new hoses (fill and vent use USGG 5/8 inch) through the same place. I used a regular 3/4 inch spade bit that had the points ground off. Put the bit on a 2 ft extention on a 3/8 veriable speed drill and work in in and out the hole in the tank coffin. This will break the foam up into little pieces which you will be able to vacume out with an industrial vac. I also cut a piece of extra 1/1/2 hose and put it around the main fill hose (under the deck area) to give it more protection from rubbing. After that I foamed the whole mess back in again. For the hose passage I used an an areaol can of foam with an long tube extension on the fill spout. Then get your tank in place and connect up the hoses, running them in from the tank to the fill. Make sure you put proper grounds on the tank and the gas fill. I had the guys from Capeway Welding south of Boston (they did all the Boston Waler tanks for years) make me a new tank that turned out to be 15 gallons larger. They did a great job for a real competative price. Don't know where your located but give them a call - 508-747-6666 Ronald Peck is the owner. Hope this helps and good luck -

      1973 22 CC Milford, CT USA[br]


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        Thanks for the info. I'll give them a call. What foam did you use around the tank once in the coffin?


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          4lb density is the recommended foam.


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            Thanks for the help. I found a good deal on 4lb foam.