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2000 252 Quality?

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  • 2000 252 Quality?

    I just sold my '84 254 and now I am looking at a 2000 252. Had the quality improved by then from the problems of the mid '90s or should I stay away? Any idea what year did the quality became respectable again?


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    my dad has a 2001 192 and I think the boat is built pretty well. It is holding up well and he does not take the greatest care of it and he keeps the hammer down and slams the hell out if it..but the boat is solid, takes the waves well and does not make any noises when slamming over the waves....
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      I have a 2000 252 with no quality concerns. The fit, finish and materials are fine. The boat is built and designed better than the 1982 224 I had. Boat rides and handles with the best of them. Mine is powered by a pair of 150 Optimax engines (1,200 hours).

      I think for a 25' boat the layout is great. Lots of room behind the leaning post,solid transom with livewell, large console has room for two 10" MFD's, head in console, forward seating with in deck storage, two indeck fish boxes with macerator. Like any 12 year old boat have it surveyed and engines checked by a professional. A lot can happen to any boat over 12 years.

      If the boat checks out you should be happy.


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        I believe the only major quality issue logged was a 282 that was built between 1999 and 2002. Transome cracked off I believe. No doubt someone will chime in and correct me on that if I'm wrong.

        I'm extremely happy with the 2000 232 which is very simmilar (same manual). The 252 is a great boat with more room behind the leaning post. We've had 3 great seasons and are looking forward to more.

        You should be able to find plenty of commentary by entering "Classicmako Mako 252" or the same for "232" in to a google search. Keep in mind that this is and technically that is 1996 and older so most users prefer the older boats which were built extremely well.

        Good luck with yout search!
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          I have a 2001 171 and is an excellent,solid and well built boat. It has been the perfect boat for me. If the boat is in good condition go for it!
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            Captain John Jarvis who owns Four Sons Marine has a late 90's early 2k 252 model, he's redoing a 241 now on project section here, super nice guy and sure he could give a straight up opinion on the pro's and con's of that model,guarantee he knows every inch of that boat, exceptional boat builder as well, reach out to him


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              Thanks for the feedback guys. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on it. She's got twin 200 Etecs w/ only 90 hours.


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                Good for you. Nice boat and you will enjoy it.

                Lets see some picture


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                  I can't figure out how to upload the photos so here are some on photobucket.



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                    Look in the 2nd album titled Mako 252


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                      Originally posted by Linny1

                      I can't figure out how to upload the photos so here are some on photobucket.


                      Not so hard. Just copy the link under the photo in photobucket that starts with "img"

                      and past it in the body of the text of your post.


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