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  • Hey RudeAttitude

    How about posting the link for the Cheery Bomb Bouy Float.

    This thing is slick guy's.

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    Watchout for those Cherrybombs, they jamb up ALOT. I had two and trashed them. SureMarker works fairly well, but frankly, I went back to the old jug and line.
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      I found the link.

      We have SureMarkers now.


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        That was my first time to use the cherry bomb and I was impressed with it's functionality. I've been trying for years to solve that problem in the garage and this is a simple, easy idea. But, I will say that Tim would be the expert. He figured out a few little tricks on how to make it work better and not get Jammed. Maybe he can post those for everyone. I will be adding another weight to mine as the river style currents we saw in Destin made the bouy drag more than I like.
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          I was wondering about that. We use 4 1/2lb weight's we pour in beer can's for the Sure Marker. I say we. It's my buddy Tim that does them. Then he dip's them in rubber coating so they don't mark the deck of the boat all up.