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    This is my first post. I do not own a boat currently, but have a bit of experience at the helm of vessels up to 26'.I have been on the lookout for a boat for some time, (ever since I was a little kid to be exact). I saw a 1975 23' this afternoon, and stopped to investigate. It has the original deck on it, which looked solid though I didn't stand on it. Asking price was $5500. Price included a '96 Merc 200, and no trailer. The price struck not only myself, but a long time Mako owner/enthusiast, as low. Looked the boat over for some time, and it seemed pretty clean, could use some cosmetics. When I examined the transom, there was a crack that seemed to be more than gloss coat, right where the cutout begins. Could this account for the low price, and is that a deal breaker when buying a boat?? Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    I paid $7000 for mine. It came with a 1990 225 Johnson and a trailer.
    Houston, TX[br]1975 Mako 23


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      Hey Dan you bassthlete maybe you should heed the wise words of the captain to the north, cause like him, I'd say look for a newer boat.

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        Welcome Dan,

        Not that I'm an expert but even at that low price you may want a boat survey. There are plenty of ways to check the transome out. Lift the motor up and hang off the lower unit and see if the transome has any flex. Hard plastic mallet & listen for hollow sounds etc... Gas tank replacement might be instore... Also, if you'd like in your profile you can add your location. You may find out that a local person could lend a hand.


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