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Mako Scrapbooks from Triple Bogey UPDATED 9/16/12

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    I have files that are huge for the images. They are pdf. But they would far exceed the allowable bandwidth of photobucket. I need a place to harbor them that is easily accessible and has decent storage.

    Maybe one day I can get Pat to reestablish me a reliable FTP access for If that happens I can put the PDFs on but then will have to build links to them. After spending a ton of money on reproducing them I'm not in the mood to spend any more on harboring them.

    As it is I need this forum software upgraded and running smooth. Not sure what Pat has run into with that. Some kind of snag as usual that has killed the whole buzz about the upgrade.
    Slidell, LA 1993 Mako 261B - Temperance


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      Did the address change? Getting a 403 - Forbidden error when trying to view scrapbooks. The issue appears across 3 browsers.


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        Same, are these links dead now? I can contribute some funds if needed to get them back up. RingLeader


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          RingLeader Would love to donate if still possible! And the Q and A mako just forum seems to have died. Is Brett still answering questions! Hope all is well! Begging for these scrap books.