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    ahoy, new member been lurking the site for a couple years and finally registered. i have a 1981 mako 171 with a 115 johnson motor and we use it here on lake michigan all the time, i love this boat was going to buy a bostonwhaler but could not pass up the deal i got on this boat and i have not been dissatisfied one bit. i suppose i should say where on lake mi, i live on little bay de noc at the northern end of the lake in escanaba,mi. thanks to the adm. for a great site.

    1981 Mako 171 115 johnson 18 evinrude escanaba,mi (yooper)

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    Alright.. the Michigan Mako Team enlarges to 5 now I think, Great to here from you!!! Sometime this summer a few of us are going to try to fish the leland or traverse area. If you could would you put your hometown and state in your signature area of your profile. this will show up when you post. Cuts through the chase when recomending a dealer or parts source. and once again Welcome Aboard. dave.
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      dave, i'll add all the info, my brother lives near t.c. and i used to live there till i moved back to the u.p. i'll see if i can get there when you set a date.
      1981 Mako 171 115 johnson 18 evinrude escanaba,mi (yooper)


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        George and Dave,

        For years I've watched the Infisherman on Saturdays. They always had an alumminum boat and like a 90 or 115 TILLER model of various different brands - mainly Merc. From watching other shows filmed in the Midwest/Great Lakes region, this setup seems to be or used to be fairly common. Can you shed some light on it? It's always puzzled me.
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          Those aluminum boat are popular up there for sure. I think I heard that it was due to their durability? I beleive Lund is by far the king of the hill but I've also heard that Tracker is starting to make a big push up their with their aluminum hulls. A guy across the lake from me has a Lund. Went way out of his way to get that particular brand. Upon inspection of the boat, I can see why. For an aluminum boat, they are quite nice.
          Steven[br]1978 Powercat 232[br]One flat broke, the other almost ready to float!!![br]Atlanta, GA


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            Welcome George,

            A REAL Yooper, Eh? There are a few of us here in lower Michigan but you might be the first in da U.P.! We need to do a Lake Michigan tournament!

            As for those aluminium boats, it sure isn't a cost factor those Lunds are damn expensive! I think it has alot to do with the marketing, if you see that boat every Saturday then that's what you dream of owning one day! About the only good reason I could see owning one is the weight factor for towing and then it would have be a Crestliner because they are welded, not rivited!

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              I believe my DuraNautic is welded, too. Very solid and water worthy, but not as much freeboard as the Lunds. Only thing that will take the sting out of selling that boat will be the Mako that replaces it.
              It\'s a Mako.[br]\'82 20B,\'90 E-150[br]Woodbridge, CT


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                yeah i've seen a few of the aluminum boats set up that way, mostly used by walleye fisherman that are into handlining for the walleye. easier to control since you have one with the fishing line and the other free to control the boat.
                1981 Mako 171 115 johnson 18 evinrude escanaba,mi (yooper)