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Raising a T-top

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  • Raising a T-top

    How difficult is it to raise the height of a T-top about 6 inches or so? I'm 6-5, and the top on my boat is a little tight for me. The e-box blocks my line of sight when I'm standing straight up -- not to mention the possibility of bumping my head! I would guess the vertical supports would be pretty easy to extend, but the diagonal supports (see picture) would have to be replaced altogether. Is this a job that can be done without looking terrible, and what might I expect to pay? Would I be better off just replacing the whole thing?

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    I'm pretty sure your T-Top was made by Danny Gore down in Wilmington -- most of the Mako's sold by Pages Creek Marine in the late 80's and early 90s were. In fact, Danny made a couple of T-Tops a little shorter than standard for a couple of customers that had the opposite problem from you -- you may have one.

    Give Dallas or Brad a call at Pages Creek and ask if for Danny's contact #. Danny should be able to weld on an extention for you or come up with a solution.

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      A different option is to replace the teak toe rail that the console sits on with a taller one that is made of starboard. This will raise the entire console (and t-top) a few inches.

      I had the same problem with my ebox ( I am 6'4") and over the winter I cut it up and tapered the bottom so that my sightlines are better.

      Nice looking boat!