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what's it worth (mako 22)

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  • what's it worth (mako 22)

    There is a pawn shop with a '80 (i think) mako 22 for sale. It has twin johnson 70hp (older white cowling). The Hull looks lile a 224, but the nameplate on the side of the just says 'mako22'. I know the guy repainted it, but I don't know about any other work that might have been done. He is asking $5500.

    It seemed a little low to me, but then I have been looking at a lot of bigger hulls (25') What is it worth?

    Also, how would this boat run with the twin 70's? (140hp) Mid 30's? I like that it has twins, but I am wondering if it will be too underpowered with the 70's.



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    That sounds like an original style 22 rather than a 224. There were alot of the older 22s packaged with twin 70s. Twin 70s would definately not cut it on a 224. The 22 on the other hand would be fine with 70s since it has ver little V in the hull.


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      Jerry are you looking for a fixer upper or a turn key solution (ready to fish out of the box)?

      if $5500 is your TCO (total cost of ownership) than yes it would be a great price.... but .... soft deck & transom, rotted stringers, old fuel tank, etc will increase your TCO considerably and need to be factored into the overall cost. It's just too hard to say without knowing what's going on under that hood.

      IMO... 140hp isn't enough ponies for that boat to perform optimal and plus as old as those motors are, you maybe looking at a repower as well.
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        I stopped back by to give this boat a better look. First off, it is defanetly the shallow v hull (12deg?). Also it is a 1970 hull (not an '80) with '83 motors. I talked to the guy selling it - he bought it from a costomer with the intent to fix it up a little and sell. he has had it out twice, says it runs about 22knots WOT ([:0])(possable motor issues?). I was expecting somthing more like 30knots. Over all the boat looks like it is in not bad, but not great condition, could be run a summer or two without needing major work (assuming the motors only need a carb job).

        Also, My wife's Honda lost the transmission, so my boat budget is toast for a while...[B)]

        If anyone else is intrested, the boat is in the Houston area, in Frendswood, on 528, gust passed Bay Area Blvd.



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          Yeah, i have a 1972 22', I think that boat is way under powered and I'm sure the motors are tired since they are 22 years old. I have a 1987 200 suzuki which i'm sure is tired, but it still tops out at 38